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What’s best for business - oil versus gas

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Climate change is a huge issue in contemporary society.  The issue poses many problems, including how can businesses thrive in the modern world and still be green and sustainable.

For businesses, energy usage is a major factor, and many operations are seeking to become more fuel-efficient to reduce their carbon emissions, as well as bringing down costs.

Nowhere is this debate more prominent than in the 16% of the UK not serviced by the main gas grid, which relies on alternative fuels to meet its energy needs. For the majority of off-grid operations, this means a choice between oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas) for high-volume commercial applications. But what exactly are the differences between these fuels – and what should off-grid users consider when making decisions about their energy supply?

In this article, Flogas, cover the debate:

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 June 2019 13:35

5 Ways to Make Your Construction Business Eco-Friendly

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Construction businesses have a great responsibility not only to ensure that their sites and offices are environmentally friendly, but that the buildings that they create are also sustainable and have a reduced carbon footprint. This article will explore how construction businesses can use more eco-friendly methods and the best ways to begin to do this.

1. Use Efficient Waste Disposal Methods

One of the most significant problems when it comes to construction businesses and their impact on the environment is their waste disposal. Many construction businesses use toxic materials which have a negative impact on the environment if they are not disposed of using the right method. Therefore, construction businesses should look at reducing their carbon footprint through implementing practices such as recycling and efficient waste disposal schemes. At expert companies such as Axil Integrated Services, their total waste managementcan help you to limit the waste that you take to the landfill through their specialist advice team, who can help you to train staff about eco-friendly methods, reduce movements at your site, and introduce effective segregation of recycling materials.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 June 2019 15:47

Connection between enhanced geothermal technology and earthquakes

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In November 2017, a magnitude 5.5 earthquake shook Pohang, South Korea, and the researchers blamed the development of enhanced geothermal project for it.

The main working principle of enhanced geothermal revolves around creating a network of fractures in hot rock that is otherwise too impermeable for water to flow through.You pump cold water down one, the Earth warms it up, and you extract hot water at the other end.

The problem lies in the fact that pumping up the Earth with high pressure can lead to earthquakes as this was the case in Pohang.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 June 2019 06:18

Connection between solar panel production and silver prices

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Silver plays major role in solar panel production. This is because silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals.

This means that increased solar panel production requires plenty of silver which in turn leads to spike in silver prices.

The researchers say that silver is used in solar panels at around 20g per one panel which equates to around 6.1% of the total cost of the price of building each unit.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 May 2019 11:29

What is stopping offshore wind development in United States?

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The rapid growth of wind energy installations throughout the United States has been remarkable. In fact, in the last ten years U.S. has tripled its wind power capacity, and wind is together with hydropower the largest source of renewable energy in the country. The only downside of this US wind energy story is the fact that offshore wind energy sector is still pretty much in its infant phase of development.

So far, the only offshore wind farm in United States is a small commercial wind farm off the Rhode Island coast which is really not something United States can be proud of.

This is in stark contrast with wind projects developed on land. According to the Wind Energy Association there are more than 56,800 wind turbines on land, located in 41 states.

The majority of energy experts say that this is because construction costs of offshore wind energy farms are huge. There is also the need for supplying rare-earth metals needed to build these offshore wind turbines such as neodymium.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 April 2019 07:48

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