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Stay above the smog – try these business tips

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We are living in smog – crop yields suffer in India because of nuclear power plants, the Hollywood sign is barely visible through car fumes, Chinese fashion shows feature the latest in gas mask chic, and fracking sites have become a major concern in the UK.

This is just the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg – and the situation is getting worse.

Political and environmental activist Naomi Klein has claimed that this disastrous impact on the world climate will continue so long as capitalism continues unfettered. Whencash is concerned, according to Klein, the dollar will ignore the environmental impact.

Yet, big business is also providing a light at the end of the carbon-filled tunnel.

Companies like Tesco, B&Q, DuPont and Asda have all made pledges to cut carbon – and their profits have increased as a direct result of their efforts.


Wind energy outlook in EU and United States

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Wind energy industry is still looking mighty good on global level. European wind energy developers installed 11,800 megawatts (MW) of new wind power capacity in 2014, which represents a growth of 3.8% in comparison to 2013.

Energy analysts expect even better results in 2014 because many countries offer favorable subsidies for wind energy developers in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The favorable government subsidies are expected to dwindle in the upcoming years and the developers want to make the most of it. It is predicted that EU will add around 15600 MW in 2015.

Germany is the EU leader in terms of installing new wind power capacity. The Germany alone accounted for approximately half of the EU's installed wind power capacity due to its aggressive renewable energy policy.


Denmark leads the way in wind energy production

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Denmark is yet again making the full use of its wind energy resources by setting another record. In 2014 this European country generated 39,1 of its electricity from wind. Transition to clean energy looks to be easy for Denmark and the country is well on track to achieve the 2020 energy goal of generating 50 percent of its power from renewables.

Denmark is these days more focused on offshore wind resources. In fact, in 2014, country added around 100 offshore wind turbines to its energy grid. Wind should play major role in Denmark's goal to achieve fossil-free energy use by 2050, especially offshore wind farms.

There are some energy analysts who believe that if Denmark continues this path of wind energy production it will soon suffer from an overabundance of wind energy. There is the fear that record wind energy production could lead to deflated prices which could result in energy companies charging customers more to account for the cost gap.


Solar energy not just popular but logical choice for Australia

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Australia has plenty of sunshine throughout the entire year and harnessing solar energy is certainly a very interesting clean energy prospect down under. Solar energy popularity is growing not just in Australia but in the rest of the globe too as many countries are looking for clean energy sources to replace dirty fossil fuels such as coal.

In this sense, it is not surprising that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 19% of all Australian households have solar panels or solar water heaters installed. This represents an astonishing growth because three years ago this percentage was only 5%.

Not surprisingly, it is South Australia that leads the way in solar energy use with 24% of households using some form of solar energy while in Queensland this percentage is 20%.


Martifer Solar Marks its Presence as 3rd Largest European O&M Player

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Martifer Solar is a highly esteemed renewable energy systems provider with a presence in more than 20 countries in 4 different continents. It ranks amongst first five of Photovoltaic power generation systems providers in Europe. The company has a dedicated team doing research and innovation in related fields, which is why most of the projects undertaken by the company are as per the needs of the customer. It does not mean that Martifer Solar does not undertake regular projects. In fact, Martifer Solar aims at reducing energy costs as well as carbon emissions, to make the planet green. For this, the company’s engineers are willing to tweak technologies and come up with innovations. Since the company also has O&M services, such modifications are managed easily.

Martifer Solar’s O&M Services

O&M or Operations & Maintenance services are extensions of EPC or Engineering, Procurement/Purchasing, and Construction services offered by the company. After installing and constructing the solar energy generating system, it becomes necessary to operate and maintain it. Since the company has relevant know-how, O&M contract is usually given to the company.

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