Renewable energy articles and news

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Contact & Who is Ned Haluzan


My name is Ned Haluzan. You are currently at my website What can I say about me? Well, for starters, I really enjoy writing about renewable energy and environment. I hope I can share this passion of mine with all of you. Why? Because there is a plethora of things all of us need to learn in order to preserve our planet for the future generations.

I have started this site in order to teach people about the importance of renewable energy and clean environment. Hopefully, you'll find at least some articles to your liking.

I graduated from law school back in 2003. I read a lot, I write a lot. That's about it.

In any case, if you happen to have any question, complain, proposition, advertising questions, or anything else please contact me at nenohal(at)gmail(dot)com

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