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How to ensure maximum wind farm production?

Wind power use is rapidly growing all over the world. In many corners of the world you can see wind turbines with gigantic rolling blades harnessing the clean power of the wind and converting it into electricity.

How to improve productivity of these wind farms? Many would likely say by adding more wind turbines but this isn't always the case, in fact it can even lead to decreased production. Just getting the numbers up, doesn't always result in getting the more power.

Why is that? We have to start with the premise that each wind turbine has been designed for use by themselves and in wind farm it is almost never used by themselves anymore. Wind turbines are now used in groups of hundreds and even thousands and in large installation with the group of thousand turbines each one may not fulfill its full potential.

This primarily depends on how wind turbines are situated relative to each other and to the prevailing wind, or in other words those wind turbines that are not directly in the path of the wind will have decreased power production.

What this means is that adding more turbines will not always lead to increased wind power production. In order to overcome this wind farm developers should give all turbines access to high-velocity airflow, from which they can extract a greater amount of energy, because wind above the farm is much faster than between the turbines.

Some researchers also believe that the solution for this issue may lie in blades rotating on a vertical axis -- like eggbeater blades -- as opposed to the traditional horizontal axis because they are able to produce much stronger mixing in their wakes.

Wind turbines don't come cheap and the possibility of using new models, which in some cases may not require as many turbines as previously thought, could lead to serious savings and make wind power more cost-competitive with other energy sources.

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