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Currently, world cities generate about 1.3 billion tons of solid waste per year (or approx. 1.2 kg per person per day). This volume is expected to increase to 2.2 billion tones by 2025.

There is no any optimal solution so far for safe and cost-effective utilization of MSW (Municipal solid waste) and other biomass. Landfilling, incineration and dumping of waste inflict irreparable harm on peoples’ health and environmental well-being, and existing treatment methods are not economically reasonable.

Uncollected wastes (particularly MSW) contributes to flooding, air pollution, and public health impacts, such as respiratory ailments, diarrhea, dengue fever, oncology and many other diseases. In lower income countries waste management is usually a city's largest budgetary item.

Australian developer of Advanced Green Technologies ADGEX Limited is marketing innovative green processor tradenamed “greenBLAZE”.

greenBLAZE is altogether new way of waste-to-energy generation. It is designed for conversion of any type of wastes into high-grade fuel, electricity and heat energy. ADGEX’s processor can treat any sort of carbon-contained materials and wastes, such as municipal solid wastes, household and agriculture wastes, poultry manure, animal waste products, oil sludge, coal of any type and quality and other biomass, at that all feedstock can be mixed and loaded into the machine without preliminary separation.

greenBLAZE processor features mobility, complete automation and self-sufficiency. It doesn’t need to be connected to any external power sources as all resources necessary for uninterrupted exploitation are produced by the processor itself. It has a short deployment time and can be delivered and autonomously operate anywhere in the world. Space-saving greenBLAZE complex can be mounted on a truck, vessel or rail platform and easily moved to the places of wastes accumulation.

ADGEX is a designer of absolutely independent utility systems. Such system collects all household wastes from a living or industrial building, including MSW, sewage and other wastes, deliversit to greenBLAZE complex that converts it into heat energy, electricity and water (as a side product) and brings it back to the utility network, distributing among the building’s residents. This is the way how we can get rid from centralized water, electricity and heat supply, providing independence to any remote living or industrial premises and solve such weighty problems as shortage of electric power and lack of access to basic amenities.

Green means «ecologically responsible», because greenBLAZE has near-to-zero harmful emissions. This has become viable since the processor operates on the innovative, safe and highly reliable method of high-temperature vacuum destruction.  greenBLAZE complex has no open combustion process, meaning that highly toxic substances are simply not generated during its operation, therefore there is no harm to wildlife and environment.  Owing to high safety and ecological compatibility greenBLAZE can be easily placed ina confined space (such as development centers, basements etc.) without any public health threat or environmental harm.

greenBLAZE is a unique and unparalleled resource-saving solution to reduce landfill territories and stop uncontrolled waste dumping. Evolution and expansion of greenBLAZEtechnology will allow keeping our Planet pristine and providing biological balance of nature!

Today ADGEX is seeking passionate, enthusiastic and business people, willing to support development of greenBLAZE project or simply financially secure their future. As the Company expanding its business to establish large scale manufacturing and subsequently list greenBLAZE division as a separate subsidiary on the one of leading stock markets, ADGEX is offering a great and highly profitable way to become a co-founder of the only global company in the business of converting wastes into green energy carriers. Find out more about greenBLAZE processor and unique ADGEX investment proposal at

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