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Why is world doing so little to help our climate?

There is almost a general consensus among the prominent environmental scientists about the urgent need for progressive climate policies with 97% of them blaming human activities for climate change. Sadly, the politics is still far away from what science suggests and globally speaking the world is still taking cosmetic measures rather than going for the full face surgery.

Helping our climate is not only environmental question, it is a vital social question. Heck, it's even a major economic question as according to recent paper published in Nature world would save more than $20 trillion by adopting progressive climate polices that would limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures.

The researchers claim that current climate policies are inadequate and that they would only limit global warming to around 3-3.5 degrees Celsius. We can also forget about United States  leading the way because the current US policy is anything but capable to limit global warming effect and under president Trump America has showed zero ambition to curb carbon pollution.

It's in fact quite the opposite, with Trump administration doing their best to undo already established climate policies. Trump still heavily protects fossil fuel industry and its powerful lobbies are still force to be reckoned with in terms of White House politics.

America is still all about short-term corporate profits, and the future generations might not enjoy current American way of life. Climate change cannot be tackled with current climate policies and future climate change impact could be catastrophic for both environment as well as economy.

Ignore it and maybe it will go away is certainly not the right modus operandi for climate change. Trump administration is gambling with the future of our planet. The stakes are really high, and Trump is anybody but a Maverick with an ace up his sleeve.

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