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3 Ways to Use Less Hot Water

Reducing our energy consumption is not only greener and therefore better for the environment but it should also save us money on our energy bills too.

Here is a look at some ideas that could help you to use less hot water in your home.

Check your shower

A good way of reducing the amount of hot water you use is to check out the flow rate on your shower. If you have an old or inefficient shower head you could be wasting about one extra liter of water per minute compared to a more efficient shower head. Fit a shower head that has a flow rate of 9 liters per minute or less and you could still enjoy a great shower but also cut your hot water use by as much as 25%, which is a significant saving.

While you are looking at reducing your energy costs and reducing your water consumption you may want to consider shopping around to see whether you can get a better deal. However, by simply installing a more efficient shower head you could already be generating savings of around $150 per year.

Streamline your water system

There are several simple but effective things you can do in your home that will help to cut your energy and water waste, by making your hot water system as efficient as possible.

Wrap your cylinder and pipes

Hold as much heat in as possible by insulating as much of your hot water system as possible so that no wasted heat energy escapes before you get a chance to use it.

Fix those leaking taps

You might consider a dripping tap to be a minor irritation but a dripping tap can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted water and energy costs, so get them fixed and save some money.

Check your hot water temperature

The ideal temperature setting should be around 55-60° Celsius and any higher than that is not only wasting money but could also cause burns if the water comes out too hot. Turning the thermostat down a notch will still give you a good temperature level but it will reduce your hot water usage to a point where you will notice it on your bills.

Develop some good habits

Develop some new habits in how you use the water in your house and you will soon notice the difference in your energy consumption costs. Simple habits like using cold water to wash your clothes, only run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded and taking a shower instead of a bath are just three simple but effective ways of cutting down your hot water usage.

Other easy habits to get into include filling the sink with hot water to shave or wash with rather than leaving the tap running and even taking a shorter time in the shower will help. Every minute less you spend in the shower can add up to an annual saving of nearly $100 if shorter showers become a regular habit.

There are plenty of ways that you can save on the amount of hot water you use in the home and by implementing some or all of these ideas you will notice a pleasing difference in your energy costs and water consumption.

Daniel Flynn is a resource saving expert. He frequently shares his best tips for saving resources on homeowner blogs.New York Energy Rates lets you shop for other energy providers, click on the link to learn more.

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