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Quick Guide To Efficient Home Heating

One way of saving energy is to use it as efficiently as possible. Renewable energy and energy efficiency usually go hand to hand when discussing potential solutions to save energy in your home.

Choosing the right heating option saves energy but it also keeps more money in your pockets. Many households in temperate climates spend significant part of their energy budget on keeping their homes warm.

The starting point of each efficient home heating system should be keeping your home well insulated and air-sealed as possible. You should use top quality central heating radiators and make necessary steps to prevent heat from escaping with proper sealing and insulation.

Things have changed significantly in the last two decades or so, meaning that today you can use heating systems powered by renewable energy such as geothermal heating systems or solar heating systems.

Why use renewable energy powered heating systems instead of the traditional ones? I will explain this by using geothermal heating systems as an example.

First of all, the efficiency of geothermal heat pumps is always better compared to traditional electric heaters because geothermal heat pump exchanges heat with the ground, and underground temperatures are more stable than air temperatures throughout the entire year. It has been calculated that geothermal heating systems use between 25% to 50% less electricity compared to conventional heating systems.

These systems also have very low maintenance costs, work silently and have an excellent lifespan of more than 25 years for inside components and 50+ years for the ground loop.

It is true that heating systems powered with renewable energy usually have high initial costs. But on the long run you will definitely save plenty of money, and there is also a bonus in doing something positive for our environment.

There is also a growing trend among many homeowners of building zero energy home, which produce as much energy as it consumes.

You must not also forget one important thing, no matter which heating system you go for your habits after the system is installed can have as big an impact on energy savings as the energy efficiency rating of the heating system.

At the end, once you have decided on your new home heating system, all what remains is choosing the right design for your kitchen radiators, bathroom radiators, bedroom radiators, etc.

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