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The key to achieve energy savings in the industry is advanced technology

Energy efficiency is not the same as energy savingWe are bombarded with different energy savings tips, practically on daily basis. There is this and that, ranging from possible energy saving solutions such as the ones offered from This website, as well as calculating the value of energy savings, applications used in the process and tools or software used in the process.

Difference between energy efficiency and energy saving

Before we go any further we must first make the difference between terms „energy savings „ and energy efficiency because these two are not synonyms as some people think they are. The simplest energy efficiency definition would be efficient use of energy by using less energy to perform the same task.

On the other hand, energy savings is somewhat different and refers primarily to active power savings and thus includes the amount (quantity) of savings related to the working time and load profile, cost of electricity (kWh), cost of the product & installation. Since there are so many factors involved, energy saving has no fix value.

Using advanced technology to achieve energy savings

The best way to achieve energy savings in the industry is by using advanced technologies. Savings are important because economics is the driving point of each industry. These advanced technologies must be cost-effective and use working principles that reduce total operating costs.

Researchers from all over the globe are working on finding new ways to improve energy savings in various industries. Many industrial processes are highly energy-intensive and using new promising technologies can lead to enormous energy savings, particularly on the long run.

Researchers often analyse different energy-intensive processes within the given industry and look for ways to improve them by for instance using new materials or even recycling.

How much can advanced technology help?

Just how much can advanced technology help? Let us use petroleum refining as an example. The 2010 study showed that if this process would include high-temperature reactors, corrosion-resistant metals and ceramic-lined reactors, as well as sophisticated process controls it would yield energy savings in the range of 10% to 20%.

Cost-effective technologies are the way to go both now and in the future.

Using advanced technologies is the key to more energy savings

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