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Wind and solar energy vs. fossil fuels

Wind and solar energy are often regarded as the most important representatives of the renewable energy family, and this is the reason why many people think about wind and solar energy vs. fossil fuels when talking about the renewable energy vs. fossil fuels.

Of course, there are several other renewable energy sources such as biofuels and geothermal energy but wind and solar energy are still the most popular renewable energy source among the general public.

Over the years wind and solar energy have become more competitive with fossil fuels, but fossil fuels still have the edge in costs, especially coal and natural gas. Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming cheaper all the time, and some energy experts believe it won't take too long before their costs become comparable with fossil fuels.

From the environmental point of view wind and solar energy have obvious advantage over fossil fuels as they do not contribute to global warming and climate change like fossil fuels do. Fossil fuels also contribute to air pollution, solar panels aren't connected with pollution of any kind, while large wind turbines can (sometimes) cause noise pollution.

Fossil fuels will eventually become depleted while wind and solar energy will be always available on our planet (as long as our planet exists). Wind and solar energy can also improve our energy independence and our energy security by reducing the need for foreign fossil fuel import.

The main problem with wind and solar energy is their intermittency. You all know that wind doesn't blow all the time, and sun doesn't shine all day long. This is the reason why these two industries are constantly on a lookout for cheap energy storage solutions that would ensure reliability of delivery.

Wind and solar energy are still underdogs compared to fossil fuels but the kind of underdogs who are bound to come away with the title in years to come because they have time on their side. The world will eventually run out of fossil fuels, and when this happens renewable energy sources like wind and solar will be the only energy option available to us. Hopefully, once this moment comes, renewable energy will be capable to step in, and deliver the goods.

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