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Why is solar energy better than fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels currently rule the world but nonetheless many energy experts agree that the future will no doubt belong to solar power as the dominant source of energy. Why is solar energy better than fossil fuels? Yes, one of the main reasons is its positive effect on our environment as compared to burning of fossil fuels.

But positive environmental effect isn't the only thing that makes solar energy better than fossil fuels and throughout this article I will provide you with several different arguments in favor of solar energy.

Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy available on our planet and renewable energy source with the biggest potential of all other available sources of energy. The supply of fossil fuels is finite (it should last for approximately another 100 years) and won't be able to meet our future energy demands while on the other hand solar energy will be available as long as Sun continues to shine, and judging by the latest scientific reports our Sun still has more than 5 billion years of remaining lifespan.

Solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions and do not contribute to global warming like this is the case with fossil fuels, especially with coal fired power plants. Solar energy has overall positive environmental effect, with the exception of solar power plants that tend to use large quantities of water for cooling purposes. Using solar energy instead of sticking with fossil fuels would also lead to reduced air pollution.

Since, as already stated above, fossil fuels are finite sources of energy we need solar energy to replace fossil fuels in years to come. The future energy security will greatly depend on how successful will be the process of transition from fossil fuels to renewable, with the main emphasis on making solar energy more efficient and more cost-effective.

More solar energy also leads to reduced need for foreign oil import which means that our money stays within our own borders and is used to develop our own domestic energy industry. Strong domestic solar energy industry would create many new jobs and help spur future economic development.

Solar energy can also provide excellent energy alternative for rural areas that have no access to power coming from fossil fuels fired power plants and where solar energy is often one of the most cost-effective energy solutions.

Without the sun there wouldn’t be life on our planet and solar energy is really the most logical option to replace fossil fuels in not so far future. Yes, solar energy still needs to improve its costs and efficiency but given its almost unlimited potential solar energy will eventually rule the world .

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