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Why is solar energy important?

Without solar energy there wouldn't be life on our planet and this is the main reason why solar energy is the most important source of energy available in our planet. Together with being the most important source of energy solar energy is also the most abundant form of energy available to us and this almost unlimited energy potential is only now being realized.

Solar energy is not only used for heating purposes as it can be also converted to electricity. It can also power our vehicles though this concept is yet to show its true potential.

Solar energy can cut our dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels burning releases harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and pollute our planet. The solar energy is considered by many scientists as the best possible alternative to fossil fuels but despite of this solar energy is still far from really challenging the dominance of fossil fuels.

The reasons for this are high costs of solar panels and their inadequate efficiency. Many people are still not ready to pay extra for solar energy and this is where science needs to step in and make solar panels cheaper and far more efficient.

Solar energy industry is receiving large funds and lot of it goes to further scientific researches. Science is trying to utilize the boundless potential of solar energy in the best possible way so solar energy could pave the way to a clean energy future.

Almost any scientist will tell you that solar will dominate the world in years to come. There are very few future scientific scenarios that do not include our homes and neighborhoods all powered off solar energy, and our cars running on solar energy.

We must continue to invest in solar energy because investment guarantees progress. Solar energy has a very challenging task because replacing fossil fuels is anything but easy, particularly because our entire industry is based on fossil fuels so making a transition will be tough nut to crack.

This challenge must be overcome, not just to move away from dirty fuels such as coal and oil but also to ensure the security of future energy supply because fossil fuels are finite resources that will eventually become depleted.

Once solar energy becomes cost-competitive with fossil fuels it will become dominant source of energy in global energy market. This will hopefully happen sooner rather than later.

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