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Wind energy vs solar energy

Wind energy and solar energy are globally two the most popular renewable energy sectors so people may wonder what is currently the better energy option, wind energy or solar energy. Both are renewable energy sources with overall positive environmental impacts so from ecological point of view both of these energy sources are quite acceptable but what about other factors?

From the current point of view wind energy is more popular energy source than solar energy, and the main reason for this a is tremendous development in wind energy technology that has significantly reduced the costs of wind turbines moving wind energy costs very near to the costs of fossil fuels. The prices of solar panels have been also steadily dropping but not as much as this is the case with wind energy technologies, and this is the reason why wind energy has attracted much more investors.

If we look at their energy potential we can see that both these renewable energy sources have huge potential though solar energy has the edge here because Sun's energy potential is almost unlimited, and we must not also forget that by broader speaking wind energy is actually the form of Sun's energy.

Both of these sources also need to come up with the right energy storage solutions to be fully prepared for situations when Sun doesn't shine and wind doesn't blow. There are many ongoing researches working on adequate energy storage solutions, and few energy storage methods really look promising.

When it comes to incentives then we have to conclude that solar energy requires lot more incentives and tax benefits because of higher prices compared to wind energy. Even wind energy despite significantly lowering costs in the last few years needs incentives and tax benefits in order to become fully cost competitive with fossil fuels.

When it comes to green jobs then wind energy sector is currently providing more green jobs than solar energy sector because it is better developed, and because there is higher demand for wind energy technologies. Still, solar energy sector, especially manufacturing and installing solar panels, can provide many new green jobs to technically skilled labor force.

To conclude from the current point of view wind energy may indeed seem like the better renewable energy option given the tremendous growth in developing wind energy technologies in the last few years. But on the long run solar energy should become better option, primarily because future technological advancements should be able to take the full advantage of extreme abundance of Sun's energy. The present may belong to wind but future looks likely to belong to solar.

Also the question which of these two energy sources is better energy option isn't really that important as is the fact that we use as much of renewable energy as possible. It is of no great importance whether solar or wind energy will rule the global energy demand since both these energy sources are renewable and environmentally friendly, and therefore each of them could do much good for the health of our planet.

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